#WorkFromRobe Diaries with Vasilki Gkarmiri

#WorkFromRobe Diaries with Vasilki Gkarmiri

#WorkFromRobe diaries dives into what it is really like to be a busy professional woman who works from home. For many of us, working from home each day and finding the balance between your personal and business life is a struggle.

This week we highlight Vasilki Gkarmiri. Vasilki is a jewelry designer and co-founder at Next Door Goddess. She is a family physician-turned-jewelry designer/entrepreneur, mom of 3 boys and wife to the love of her life. Her side passion became a business after she immigrated from Greece in 2019. She launched her website on January 2, 2021. She took the leap to help women like herself experience the instant transformation a piece of jewelry can bring to the way we look but also to the way we feel about ourselves. She believes that there's a vibrant Goddess in each and every one of us and jewelry is one of the things that can help us unleash our vivacious style and stay unforgettable.

Occupation: Owner of Next Door Goddess

Age: 47

Typical Work From Home Schedule: 

"We've been homeschooling all 3 of our kids ever since our website went up so I can't really grasp how "normal" would look like. A typical week right now looks like "work as much as you can, when you can" and a lot of days I sleep way later in the night than I should. I concentrate better in silence, so I try to catch some sleep midday and work till later. I get out of my pajamas first thing in the morning because it feels more like work and gets me into a "get things done" mode. Plus, I may not have a boss and scheduled meetings on zoom but taking care of our looks is part of our self-care and plays a big role in how we feel and how we perform. Work in the morning is continuously interrupted so I choose to do things that require less concentration and more creativity like jewelry design. Tasks that need a high level of concentrated work are left for early nights when the kids have gone to sleep. Right now almost everything is done by us so a lot of the time my schedule is filled with things I would rather outsource like uploading products on the website. I'm an avid learner-courses are an important part of my day. Even when cooking and taking care of family needs you may find me listening to a course or webinar. In general, I work more than 8 hours a day right now but my productivity is compormised. Did I mention comfort? OK, if I realized something in this pandemic is that I'd rather leave discomfort for my entrepreneurial part and those high heels when I will (finally) return to my tango. In my home, while I'm working, I'm all about stylish comfort. Put together but, sorry tight jeans, you don't make the mark. I top my look with jewelry-that's why I'm focusing right now on creating zoom and screen perfect lightweight earrings that can take you from day to night (and you'll forget you have them on)."

Best Productivity Tip:

"For a product person like me, who also makes their own product, organize your workflow in work stations. It makes your life so much easier and you're not looking left and right for things-everything has a place. For business in general, get your mindset in the right place first thing in the morning. Your outfit, the way you talk to yourself, and if you have a mindfullness practice-start from there. Build yourself up before you go tackle life. How productive can you be if your inner voice says "you just can't do this" 3 times out of 4?"

Stress level for the week (1-not stressed and 5- very stressed) 


Productivity for the week (1- very productive and 5- not productive


How much balance between work and your personal life did you have this week? (1- very balanced and 5- not balanced at all)


Additional Tips to Share

"Surround yourself with mentors and community. Entrepreneurship is hard and it can be very lonely, also business has seasons. For a while there, it may look like you're working for nothing. Mindset is crucial-if you don't have ninja skills, develop them-read, or get a coach. Style wise...Even if you're a girl that loves her pants and will never be seen with a dress...Wear your blouse robe with a pair of leggings and your favorite statement earrings.You'll remember me."

Favorite WorkRobe

Blouse Robe!