#WorkFromRobe Diaries with Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

#WorkFromRobe Diaries with Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

#WorkFromRobe diaries dives into what it is really like to be a busy professional woman who works from home. For many of us, working from home each day and finding the balance between your personal and business life is a struggle.

This week we highlight Alexandra Wilkis Willson. Alexandra is an entrepreneur, investor, board director, tech advisor, mentor, author, public speaker, and Co-Founder of Gilt & GLAMSQUAD. She is currently the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clerisy. Clerisy is a growth equity firm investing in consumer and techsumer companies at the growth equity stage. Clerisy partners closely with the management teams of innovative omnichannel companies that understand the needs, preferences, and problems of the consumers they serve.

Occupation: Investor

Age: 44

 Typical Work From Home Schedule (during the summer): 

I wake up at 6am to get my kids up and out the door for school. I usually exercise by playing tennis, walking or attending a boutique fitness class in the morning. I am at my desk focused for work by 8:30am with a fresh hot cappuccino and lots of water with Hydrant packets for hydration or energy. I work from home these days. I try and have a window to make lunch, usually a salad in between Zooms, but sometimes that’s a challenge! I sometimes have meetings in person, a lunch or a coffee meeting, but not every day. My kids get home from school between 4-5pm and I sometimes have to take them to a class like tennis or gymnastics. We eat dinner as a family around 7pm and the kids are ready for bed around 8pm. The work never really stops, I am always squeezing in additional calls and zooms. Once the kids go to bed, I hope online to go through any unanswered emails.

Best Productivity Tip:

I am an INBOX ZERO kind of gal!


Stress level for the week (1-not stressed and 5- very stressed) 


Productivity for the week (1- very productive and 5- not productive
How much balance between work and your personal life did you have this week? (1- very balanced and 5- not balanced at all)


Additional Tips

I am hyper organized— with my calendar, with my contacts and with my closet!

Favorite WorkRobe

Black Blouse Robe!