#WorkFromRobe Diaries with Katie Love

#WorkFromRobe Diaries with Katie Love

#WorkFromRobe diaries dives into what it is really like to be a busy professional woman who works from home. For many of us, working from home each day and finding the balance between your personal and business life is a struggle.

This week we highlight Katie Love. Katie is an expert social media strategist and the founder of Love Social Media. She’s helped numerous of businesses turn followers into real leads and sales. ​ Katie started her career working for TV stations across the country, covering high profile murder cases, natural disasters and presidential elections. As a news reporter, she learned to tell stories and now uses her ability to share information in an engaging way with her clients. Love Social Media was recently named "The Top 10 Social Media Agencies to Watch in 2021" by Yahoo Finance. Some of our clients include Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl brand, 305 Fitness, and Dance Moms star, Christi Lukasiak's brand, Adulting 101. You can connect with Katie on Instagram and watch her navigate new motherhood.

Occupation: Owner of Love Your Social Media

Age: 32

Typical Work From Home Schedule: 

I usually get up between 6:30am-7:00am to play and connect with my daughter Adley. Around 8:30am I get ready for the day with leggings, a professional top and do my hair and makeup. I take meetings with clients from 9:00am-noon. Around noon, I take break from being in front of my computer screen to walk to my dog. The afternoons are usually reserved for content creation, writing proposals, and business planning. I workout 5-6:00pm. I have dinner with my family at 6pm and put my daughter down for bed at 7:30pm. I usually work another hour or so until 9:00pm. Then, my husband and I spend time together and watch our favorite shows until bedtime around 10:30pm.

Best Productivity Tip:

I write down at least 3 things I want to accomplish that day and then tackle the hardest one first. Then at the end of the day I always feel productive when I can cross-off that checklist!

Stress level for the week (1-not stressed and 5- very stressed) 


Productivity for the week (1- very productive and 5- not productive


How much balance between work and your personal life did you have this week? (1- very balanced and 5- not balanced at all)


Favorite WorkRobe

Blouse Robe!