How to Transform your Dining room into your WFH space

How to Transform your Dining room into your WFH space

How to Transform your Dining room into your WFH space 


Switching over to working remotely also means switching workspaces, which can be a bit overwhelming. Many of us don’t have a home office. For a lot of people, the dining room is the next best option and I’ve found it can be a great workspace. However, your dining room is probably not equipped with everything you need to make it feel like an office space. Here is my advice on how to transform your dining space!



A proper desk chair: Your dining room chair is probably not the comfiest or most ergonomic option for 9-10 hours of work. The best way to ensure you don't develop back or neck problems is to invest in a good work chair that is comfortable and is designed for good posture. Make sure it is office-worthy by picking up a supportive back, seat, or combo cushion.

Desk pad: Using a desk pad is great for preventing scratches on your dining room table, provides a smooth surface, and looks clean. 

Power station: Next, you're probably going to need to get a power station if you're charging many cords and running monitors. This way your setup isn't determined by where the closest outlet is, and it keeps cords tidy. 



Your dining room is probably lacking the right kind of storage to keep everything organized and decluttered. Adding in a small filing cabinet to keep your documents in order and papers together can help keep the table space free. Next, adding in tabletop desk organizers for your pens, sticky notes, and other desk accessories keeps everything within reach and will allow you to feel like you’re working from a proper desk. Think about how permanent this office situation will be. Perhaps you can move some of your dining room things into storage while you take over a China cabinet. However, if you can’t, and it still needs to remain a suitable place to eat, invest in portable organizers so that you can pack everything up at the end of the work day or week and it can go back to being your dining room.


This is the perfect time to give your dining room a mini makeover. Adding some new pictures on the wall, changing out the color scheme, and installing more lighting can help refresh the space. If you are sharing this workspace with a spouse, putting a floral arrangement in the middle of the table can act as a divider so you each have your own space. Also, plants have been shown to have calming effects in potentially high-stress situations.

Written By: Abby Henderson, Social Content Creator Intern, Creative & Design