Our Story

Creating a New Robe For the New Normal

Right when I moved to Miami, I decided to lay out on my balcony in between Zoom meetings and tan. One particular day after taking a little too much sun, I found myself 5 minutes late for a Zoom meeting. Scrambling to find something work appropriate to wear, I couldn't stop thinking about the only thing I wanted to be wearing: my robe. Knowing that it wouldn't be the most professional choice, I quickly threw on a shirt I found, and joined the meeting. The whole time my mind was racing, thinking about this new work from home wardrobe I needed. At that moment, WorkRobe was born. Fast forward about a year, and I'm so excited to be able to introduce you to a practical solution that allows us all to #WorkFromRobe without being judged.
Now toss that old wrinkly t shirt you've been wearing for the past 20 Zoom calls, and say hello to WorkRobe!
-Courtney, CRO @ WorkRobe (Chief Robe Officer)