Our Mission

At WorkRobe, we are on a mission to transform what you wear when working from home.

Our goal is to make sure you are confident, comfortable, and professionally dressed for your video meeting in an instant. 

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Who are you?

You are bold, confident and know that productivity doesn’t mean you need to go into a designated office every day. You are the leader of your home quarters and know that feeling good in your own space means you show up as your best most confident self. You wear a lot of hats and your outfits need to be just as transitional as you are!

Who are we?

Courtney Spritzer, our Chief Robe Officer, found herself working remotely every day since March 2020. Pre March 2020, she was someone who would get dressed up for work everyday and enjoyed that part of her routine. After many zoom meetings, she started noticing that people stopped caring about their appearance on zoom. Over time, Courtney started to fall into that same cycle too. She realized that the only outfits she wanted to wear while working from home was loungewear, but she could not find anything that was professional for zoom and comfortable enough for home, so she set out to create it. WorkRobe is the brand for the women who know that you can be a boss at work while working in the comfort of a robe - a workrobe. 

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What makes us different than a standard robe?

Everything. Our mission was to reinvent the robe and look at the robe, not as something you wear after a shower, but as an outfit you can wear all day while working from home. Our styles are designed with your zoom meeting in mind. We want you to show up as your best self without anyone in your meeting knowing our little secret.

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