#WorkFromRobe Diaries with Maryann Walsh

#WorkFromRobe Diaries with Maryann Walsh

#WorkFromRobe diaries dives into what it is really like to be a busy professional woman who works from home. For many of us, working from home each day and finding the balance between your personal and business life is a struggle.

Maryann Walsh is a Registered Dietitian by trade and a consultant to brands and businesses in the nutrition and diet space. Her company Walsh Nutrition Consulting assists organizations on everything from the development and promotion of health focused products and programs to the dissemination of nutrition and health messages to target audiences and key stakeholders. Maryann is currently 7 months pregnant expecting a baby girl and she also has a little maltipoo pup named Cannoli!

Occupation: Registered Dietitian/ Business Consultant

Age: 36

Typical Work From Home Schedule:  

6:30 AM: Wake-up
7:00/7:30 AM: Eat breakfast, feed my pup Cannoli before she goes to doggy daycare and get dressed/ start to get ready for the day. My typical daily attire the past 2 years consists of leggings and a comfortable top. I like to keep my WorkRobe in my home office so I can easily throw it on if it gets cold or if I have a zoom meeting where I want to look more put together and professional.
8:30 AM: I start work for the day, typically spending 30 minutes going through emails and making any adjustments to my Google Calendar and my to-do list in my planner.
9 AM: I typically start to dive into projects and deliverables if I don't have any zoom meetings scheduled.
12 PM I take a break for lunch and then it's back to work at around 12:30/ 1 PM until about 5:30/6 PM.
I try to squeeze in a 20 minute walk each day, the time depends on when I need a mental break.
6-8 PM The rest of my evening consists of dinner time and tackling any personal projects, which I have quite a few these days as I prepare for a new baby in 2 months!
8-10 PM is when I try to start to wind down and hopefully fall asleep by 10:30/11 PM

Best Productivity Tip:

"Make lists and set priorities for each day using tools like Google Calendar or whatever program feels best for you. Even on days where your calendar isn't packed with meetings, schedule in to-do's and tasks so they feel more concrete. Also, the old saying "Eat the Frog" can be a helpful mantra to help you tackle bigger or less exciting tasks in the morning to make the rest of your day feel lighter."
Stress level for the week (1-not stressed and 5- very stressed) 


Productivity for the week (1- very productive and 5- not productive


How much balance between work and your personal life did you have this week? (1- very balanced and 5- not balanced at all)

Additional Tips to Share

"Keep high protein snacks/ bars and water on your desk so if you get busy with back to back meetings you can stay fed and hydrated! This is a great way to prevent brain fog and also prevents you from overeating and feeling sluggish later on when you do sit down to eat an actual meal."

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